hiiii~ just here to say ily and you're valid! i wish you the best! :3


we're all in hell anyways, so how about we enjoy the show?

click the trans flag :3

know this:

trans rights are valid. trans people are valid. if you don't like that fact, leave this website and don't come back.

about me:

haiiiii!~ i'm ivory, not to be confused with the content creator i share a name with, so this is my website! i am a trans girl (she/they) with a love for shark plushies (you can guess which), and i'm currently pre-hrt because of reasons beyond my control.

fun fact: i'm also a catgirl :3

silly projects! :3

meow! here are some of my projects i decided to feature here! :3

Nova Industries, an analog horror series about a generated liminal unknown and the corporation who designed it looking to take advantage of it.

there's a lot more to it than you think.

my silly music :3

nya!~ here are some of my silly little songs i decided to feature here! :3

Amen, Sister (Demo), a silly little breakbeat demo with silly synths.

yet another amen break, a silly short song with more silly synths.